Based on the “Great Commission”, one mission of Shady Grove United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Shady Grove does this through various means and we hope you will join us as we take direct responsibility for people of the world around our church, the community in which we and others study, work, shop, and play.
If interested in joining the planning of global missions at SGUMC, please EMAIL Teresa Gagliardi.

Operation Christmas Child
Through a simple shoebox gift with Operation Christmas Child, our congregation members can help change the world, one life at time. Shoeboxes are filled with school supplies, toys, hygiene items and a note of encouragement for a child overseas suffering due to disaster, disease, war, terrorism, famine or poverty. More information about Operation Christmas Child is available at their WEBSITE. In November 2020, Shady Grove UMC packed approximately 400 shoeboxes at our COVID-safe packing party, individuals at home and through the Operation Christmas Child virtual packing opportunity! 

Heifer International
Heifer International's mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. Gifting a cow or goat for milk, chickens or ducks for eggs, alpacas or llamas for wool, bees for honey, seeds for gardening, and more can change the lives of people around the world.  We hope to empower families around the world to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. For many years at our annual Palm Sunday petting zoo, Shady Grove has collected an offering for Heifer International. Children in Sunday School, COW, and G3 learn about other countries and how our gifts can make a difference. G3: Go, Grow, Give participants have a special interest in thoughtfully and prayerfully choosing which animal or resource to "gift" with the collected amount. At Shrove Tuesday 2021, children received a decorate-your-own bank for their offering and to bring to church on Palm Sunday. To read more about this great outreach go to their WEBSITE.

In October the children and youth of Shady Grove UMC, as well as SGUMC Preschool and Center for Creative Arts, trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, the United National International Childrens' Emergency Fund. Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF began in 1950 as a way to help kids who need more than candy. Since then, children all over America have gone door-to-door on Halloween with UNICEF collection boxes, calling out, "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF!"  They have raised more than $170 million for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF since 1950.  Funds collected will help provide children around the world with clean water, nutritious food, medicine, vaccines, and education.  To see how pennies add up, $5 can buy a soccer ball for children in a refugee camp, and $30 can provide 100 children with a measles vaccine. The Power of Kids Helping Kids.
Shady Grove supports the following missionaries, working around the globe:

Path Ministries/Otino Waa     WEBSITE
Otino Waa is rescuing orphans and raising them up to become compassionate, capable leaders in Uganda. There are 2.5 million orphans in Uganda and Path Ministries is reaching them through Otino Waa (a home and school for orphans)  and Community based care. Otino Waa has provided over 375 orphans with a safe, loving home, nutritious food, clean water, medical and dental care, and high quality education so they can be leaders in Uganda. They also partner with community schools so they can reach more children and people in the community.

Name Undisclosed
Our missionaries that were serving in Kiel, Germany are moving to a location where they can minister to the people of Turkmenistan. This is one of the most closed countries in the world. Please pray for them to be sensitive to God's leading them in ministering towards the people from her home country as they make this change in the near future. The church they started in Kiel is transitioning to a new pastor who will take over this ministry. This church now has people from all over the world, representing over 50 Countries! What a ministry they began to spread His word!

Eva and Lindsay Gilliam     EMAIL
Eva and Lindsay and their two sons are currently in Richmond preparing for their next assignment. With the COVID outbreak their travel was restricted but they hope to depart to their next assignment this Spring. They trust in the Lord to send them where they are most needed.

Laura and Timo Harkonen     March 2021 Newsletter     EMAIL
Laura and Timo are currently serving the people in Finland. They are working with a pastor in Finland that serves the Congolese people as well as other pastors in the area. There is a great void in the knowledge of Christ in Finland and what it means to follow Him daily. They are on this journey to disciple the people of Finland with His word.

Dave and Laura Shuping     March 2021 Newsletter     EMAIL
Dave and Laura continue to work with The Navigators First Responder Ministry. They started a prayer line for the New York Police Dept to offer support for first responders in New York! Dave and Laura lead one-on-one discipleship meetings with first responders and encourage police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians in their faith journey. Dave and Laura are Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains, responding to natural disasters to assist victims and first responders with emotional and spiritual recovery from the trauma they experience. Please pray for God to open doors in the police, fire and rescue community. Please reach out to them directly to get newsletter updates.

Virginia United Methodist Conference Missions
For more information regarding the missions of our conference, visit their WEBSITE