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How do people become marathoners? It happens by stages: 
*  Watching a friend race and thinking, "Why marathons?"
*  Trying run-walks with your friend thinking, "What are          marathons about?"
*  Getting the shoes, stretching, running, keeping time and        pursuing, "How to run a marathon?"
*  Friends you run with ask you to coach them and you              wonder, "What if I coached or we started a running                team?"
According to Phil Maynard, this is just how people become followers of Jesus.
*  Beginning by wondering, "Why Jesus?
*  Exploring faith and asking "What is Jesus about?"
*  Growing with Jesus by asking and practicing, "How do I        live like Jesus?"
*  Maturing with Jesus by exploring and answering, What if      Jesus sent me to help others on the journey?" Read more  

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