Information for Participants for Outdoor Worship

• Love your neighbor as yourself by taking the best care of you: Please do not attend outdoor worship until you and/or your physician and/or family have fully reviewed the worship choices and determined what is safe for you. On campus worship options do not mean that Coronavirus is any less dangerous. On campus worship is offered as safely as possible within the parameters of Virginia State guidance and the best information we have on this novel community health challenge. ONLINE WORSHIP IS SAFEST AND WILL CONTINUE INDEFINITELY.

• If outdoor worship is right for you, please make a reservation and fill out the “Health Questionnaire” (which is held confidential by the pastors, screens for symptoms and exposure to Covid-19, and asks for you to let the pastor know if you develop 2 or more symptoms of Covid-19 after attending In-Person worship, regardless of where you may have encountered the virus) each week. This will aid in our planning and goal to provide a safe worship environment.

• Persons of any age able to comply with these guidelines may attend. (For the safety of all, if a participant refuses to wear a mask or maintain distance, worship will come to an end.)

• On the day of worship, take your temperature. If you have a fever above 100.4 degrees, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, GI issues, chills, or new loss of taste or smell, come to online worship for this week instead of Drive-In or In-Person. Please contact the pastor if you would like to have a prayer time together.

• When you arrive, please park as directed by attendants in every other space.

• Bring sanitizer and a mask (to cover your mouth and nose at all times) from home. All ages who are able to comply with mask and maintaining 6 foot distance from everyone outside of your household and refraining from singing may attend. Masks must be worn “from car to car”— getting out of your car until you return to your car.

• An e-bulletin will be available as well as Praise Packs to help children connect and engage with the service.

• On first Sundays, Communion is available in pre-sealed containers.

• Locked boxes for offerings will be available as you leave to walk back to your car.