Are you wondering about all of the programs and ministries that go on at Shady Grove? Do you wonder how you could be more connected? Maybe it is a one day mission opportunity in our community, a bible study, decorating the church for holidays, maintenance and repair work on our church property or serving through prayers and ministering to fellow church members. These opportunities and more are great ways that you can serve and grow in your faith journey at Shady Grove. We want to help you “FIND YOUR JOY” at Shady Grove. We have fellow members that would love to talk to you about how to be more connected.
Please click on the Finding Your Joy Tree below to go to a Finding Your Joy sheet with many words listed. Print this sheet and check off words that would have some meaning/interest for you. You can drop this sheet off at the church office or scan it and email it to Chuck Noble. We will then follow up with you to discuss what you submit. This could be a one on one call, a short zoom call or, COVID permitting, a face to face visit. Thank you in advance for your response. 
Click on image below to get a printable Finding Your Joy worksheet!