Current Worship Series

Outside My Own Little World

January 7 - February 11, 2018

Some days it feels overwhelming to care for our own. On top of that, it can feel overwhelming to care for our neighbors and share God's love in the world. It's easy to lose our sense of purpose. Matthew West's song, "My Own Little World" encourages us to move from our "own little world" to be the hands and feet of Christ. How do we find our purpose personally and as a church?

JANUARY 7, 2018

I Try to Stay Awake
Acts 20:7-12
In order to begin to live “outside our own little world,” we are asked to “wake up” to the world
around us…beyond what we might see right in front of us. Sometimes we simply go through the
motions—in our lives and in our worship. Perhaps it is not about staying awake in church, but
staying awake as the church. There are many reasons why we may be choosing to stay
unaware…the pain in the world is sometimes overwhelming. But the risk of becoming numb, living
our lives as if asleep, is that it begins to affect the way we experience the fullness of God’s abundant
blessings and promises, even and especially in the midst of pain. The good news is that we can wake up.

JANUARY 14, 2018

What if There’s a Greater Purpose?
Isaiah 1:12-17
The message this Sunday is, “keep the main thing the main thing!” We all question at times, “Who
am I? What am I here on this earth to do?” With our busy lifestyle, we can get distracted and pulled
in many directions. This week we affirm our own individual purpose in the light of who God calls us to be. What is our personal vision statement? Who are we as a church? We affirm our identity as
disciples of the One who embodied the Greater Purpose.

January 21, 2018

Look Me in the Eye
Matthew 25:34-40
Psalm 34:18
How many times have we passed by the opportunities to be in true mutual and reciprocal
relationship? Becoming involved to the point of love (loving neighbors… and who is my neighbor?)
is a messy thing. Jesus’ radical table ministry requires personal transformation in the ways we relate
to each other. Is there such a thing as insiders and outsiders? Aren't we all humanity? We seek to
dare to commit to deeper and more mutual relationships as we come to the table this day. We ask,
“Who is not at the table, that we can go out and make sure to invite?” And when we do, we may find we need bigger tables!

January 28, 2018

Give Me Open Hands and Open Doors
Matthew 22:34-40
Luke 18:41a
What does it mean to open our hands and the doors of our church? What God will do in our midst
through those we encounter daily? What are we doing to answer God's call to create a better world? Are we willing to be in ministry alongside others and to ask the question, "What do you want me to do for you?"

February 4, 2018

I Wanna Be Reaching Out
Romans 12:3-8 
Isaiah 41:10
What can one person do? What can one church do? As we shift our focus from “population:me” to
living “outside my own little world,” how can our gifts enable us to reach beyond ? When we share
our individual and unique gifts, we discover that as a Body—the Body of Christ—we can offer

February 11, 2018

Start Living Right Now!
Ephesians 3:20-21
Acts 18:1-5, 7-11
“I could be livin’ right now, outside my own little world” says our inspirational song. What has
changed in you over the last weeks? Has anything become more clear? This last Sunday of the
series, we prepare to go outside our comfort zones and into the vast possibilities of elsewhere—to
pledge our support, our presence, our energy, and our resources to the next year of ministry. We are encouraged to live and love deeply, to expand our worlds, to expand our relationships. We bless
each person for the commitment and pray mightily for the work of the church as a whole.