Our Staff

Rev. Chris McLain, Lead Pastor
EMAIL     Phone: (804) 360-3907, ext. 125
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Rev. Beanie Kelly, Associate Pastor, Director of Adult Discipleship
EMAIL     Phone:  (804) 360-3907, ext. 133
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Rev. Sylvia Cooper, Minister of Music and Arts
EMAIL     Phone: (804) 360-3907, ext. 140
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Frank Basil, Church Administrator
EMAIL     Church:  (804) 360-3907, ext. 127
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Lauren Adkins, Director of Youth Ministry
EMAIL     Phone:  (804) 360-3907, ext. 126

Kate Bishop, Director of Children's and Family Ministries
EMAIL     Phone:  (804) 360-3907, ext. 104
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Cat Johnson, Director of Contemporary Worship
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Robin Lafon, Accompanist

Dana Kelley, Receptionist
EMAIL     Phone: 804-360-2600, ext. 122

Leigh Pierce, Director of Preschool
EMAIL     Phone:  (804) 360-3533
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Sue Brown, Director of the Center for Creative Aarts
EMAIL     Phone:  (804) 360-2687
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Denise Farmer, Custodian

Rose Farmer, Custodian

Pam Sweeney, Financial Secretary
EMAIL     Phone:  804-360-3907, ext. 123