Building Committee Update

Update - October 2019
On August 7th a Focus Group was assembled to review the status of the building project and to collaborate with the Building Committee on the sharing of planned next steps. As a result of the Focus Group, Building Project Town Hall Meetings were scheduled and held on August 25th and 29th. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss why our building project is still a work-in-progress, and to share what we can expect to accomplish with the money collected from the 3-yr capital campaign.

Donations from the 3-yr capital campaign approximate $1.5 million. Due to a very active and growing construction market and the fact that county requirements were greater and more costly than anticipated, the $1.5 million will not support the full scope of our building project. However, we can use the donations to complete the beginning steps of the project. The beginning steps of the project include:

1) Connect our church campus to the county sewer system
2) Pave and light the rear parking lot to improve the look and accessibility of our campus
3) Install a paved fire lane that connects the front and rear parking lots
4) Install north bound turn lanes on Pouncey Tract at the north and south entrances for safety and traffic flow
5) Comply with curb, gutter and storm water management requirements
6) Pay Architect and Engineering firms
7) As funds allow, make needed improvements to Fellowship Hall

What’s happening now?
1) Sewer connection fees have been paid, nutrient credits have been purchased to meet water quality requirements and the county is preparing to approve our plan of development (POD)
2) Bid packets have been sent to several site contractors and conversations are in process with others

What are the next steps?
1) Receive and review the bids for completing the beginning steps of our project
2) Present to the congregation the scope, cost and timing for the beginning steps of the project

As mentioned in the last newsletter article, we received an unexpected and very generous donation for a video upgrade to Fellowship Hall. I am pleased to report that this upgrade was completed in September. This upgrade has significantly improved the worship experience for our members and guests attending the Contemporary Service, and it is ready to support current and future programs that will benefit from high definition video. Thank you for your patience and understanding during construction. 

We ask for your commitment to pray for this chapter in the life of the church and for the courage to serve our community with an attitude of worship and a spirit of grace.

Update on February 16, 2019
Since the beginning of the year Rex Hockemeyer has been working with Derrick Johnson (Timmons Group) on the following next steps:
  • Complete the revisions to the original site plans to show additional parking in the back lot, by The Center for Creative Arts and next to the fire lane
  • Solve storm water design requirements and confirm that existing basin can be modified and that we can purchase nutrient credits to meet the new requirements
  • Schedule meetings with the County to review the revised plans and get their approval
  • Develop timeline to show the above
In the last update from the Building Committee it was noted that VDOT had withdrawn their
request for additional road improvements to Pouncey Tract. Our site engineering firm began
the work to update the site plans with this new information and begin approval discussions
with Henrico County.

The road improvements, as well as the infrastructure improvements to our campus, change the requirements for water management. Proper storm water management is imperative in Virginia and requires collaboration between the church and Henrico County. Our site engineers are working with the county to reach a consensus on the extent and design of the best management practices (BMPs) for the Shady Grove campus. Storm water management is a significant cost driver for our building project; therefore, we need to ensure that requirements align with what is necessary.

A productive meeting was held with the county on Thursday, February 7, and additional
information was exchanged during this past week. As soon as we reach agreement on storm
water management, a final set of site plans will be prepared and submitted to the county for
approval. We remain optimistic and are excited about our next steps.

Update on December 20, 2018
On Wednesday, December 12, Rex Hockemeyer (Building Committee Chair), Pastor Chris McLain, Mike Rothermel (attorney with Spotts Fain PC), and Derrick Johnson (Timmons Group, Inc) met with the Director of Public Works for Henrico County and the Deputy County Attorney to discuss and review the required road improvements for Pouncey Tract. The meeting was very productive and at the end of the meeting the Director of Public Works agreed to speak with the Assistant Residency Administrator-Ashland Residency at VDOT. This was a very generous offer by the Director of Public Works to work on our behalf, but I think he was doing this because of his relationship with Mike Rothermel and SpottsFain. We owe Mike Rothermel a huge thank you. By the way, this is the second time that Mr. Rothermel has donated his time and experience to work with Shady Grove.

On December 17,  Mike Rothermel sent this email to those of us who attended Wednesday’s meeting:
“I received a call from the Director of Public Works this morning in follow up to our meeting last week.  He was calling to tell me that they met with the Assistant Residency Administrator at VDOT this morning and were able to convince him that the church’s current plan showing sidewalks, turn lane, etc. was sufficient and that VDOT should not require all of the additional right-of-way improvements that they recently called for.  He said based on their discussion this morning he didn't think you would even need to go through the exception process - instead, that VDOT would simply back off of their additional demands.  I'm hoping that is the case.”
Derrick Johnson will follow up with County and VDOT staff at some point in the next couple weeks to determine how best to proceed forward.  

This is great news and the Building Committee will work with Mr. Johnson as he completes the next steps with the County and VDOT. We still need to work through the details but this is a huge step forward.

Questions about Building Committee? Please contact Rex Hockemeyer at or 804-929-1074.

January/February 2019 Newsletter Article
(printed December 11, 2018)
The Building Committee is continuing its work with Henrico County and VDOT to minimize the amount of road improvements required for Pouncey Tract. A conference call with Mike Rothermel (attorney with Spotts Fain), Christine Mehfoud, Derrick Johnson (Timmons Grp) and Pastor Chris McLain occurred on Thursday, November 8 to explore the merits of continuing our negotiations. This was a productive call and both Mike Rothermel and Derrick Johnson thought it worthwhile to talk with the right people at Henrico County. Mr. Rothermel agreed to work with his contacts at Henrico to schedule a meeting with the County, VDOT, Timmons and the church. The purpose is to review the history of negotiations, to review current requirements for road improvements, and ti determine if there is an opportunity for further negotiations. A meeting with all parties will occur on Wednesday, December 12.

A meeting with the second audio/visual consultant occurred during the week of November 12. The purpose of the meeting was to solicit another opinion on design and price for the Audio/Visual upgrades for sanctuary and fellowship hall. The Building Committee will meet to define the scope of improvements for fellowship hall and get that work scheduled for January or February.
Questions about Building Committee? Please contact Rex Hockemeyer at or 804-929-1074.

Town Hall Meeting on June 3, 2018
On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the building committee held a town hall meeting to provide the congregation of Shady Grove UMC with an update on the building program and a format to answer any questions. 

The speakers were Rex Hockemeyer, chair of the building committee, and Karen Nicely, member of the building committee. The audio begins with Rex discussing Ephesians 4:11-13. The audio recording is approximately one hour long.

Here are some documents that were mentioned in the town hall meeting:

Update from May/June 2018 Newsletter
At the last update from the Building Committee, we were working with our architectural firm, site engineering firm, and general contractor to map the building design against current requirements and then look for value engineering opportunities. During that review it was discovered and confirmed that the original design that was submitted for County approval reduced parking by approximately 90 parking spots, which would not support the needs of the church. The design change in parking will increase cost and will offset some of the savings from other building design changes. Our site engineering firm, Timmons Group, met with the Engineering Reviewer at Henrico County to detail the County’s requirements for the expanded parking lot design. The addi-tional parking spaces create additional hard surfaces and additional water runoff, which changes how we have to manage the water runoff that we are creating. The Timmons Group is preparing revised design drawings for County review/approval, then re-bid by our general contractor. We are hoping to see new design drawings by the end of April. Contact Rex Hockemeyer, Chair of Building Committee,

Updated 2/21/2018
The next step for the building project is to review the current design to ensure that we build what is necessary to enable the discipleship building process, pursue a culture of connection of relationships and balanced disci-pleship, and grow a greater sense of excellence. There are several tangible goals for the design review:
  • Ensure that the design is aligned with strategy and requirements,
  • Eliminate what is unnecessary,
  • Add anything that was missed,
  • Ensure that we have solutions that are functionally and financially efficient, and
  • Narrow the gap between the conceptual budget and the original GMP (guaranteed maximum price) proposal.
The Building Committee does not have a specific number in mind as an objective of this review; but, we do want to ensure that we know what we are building before we start. The architect is finalizing revised drawings for the General Contractor and Timmons Group is doing the same. It does appear that we will save money in the redesign of the building but we will spend money as we try to recover the parking spaces that were lost in the original site plan. We hope to have a revised GMP proposal by mid-March.

Updated 1/11/2018
On Monday, January 8, 2018, Church Council and the Building Committee met to continue the discussion of the proposed scope and cost of our building expansion.  During that discussion, the group intentionally reviewed: 
  • the history of the master plan for the Shady Grove campus,
  • the steps that led us to the current design,
  • the need for balance between worship, education and fellowship, and
  • how our building structures may facilitate or discourage participation in the balance of worship, education and fellowship.
The consensus of the assembled group was to press forward with the building expansion.  However, before making a final recommendation to the church, the Building Committee has been asked to meet with our architect and general contractor to -  
  • explore several value engineering opportunities, and
  • review the design to ensure that we build what is necessary to enable the discipleship building process, pursue a culture of connection of relationships and balanced discipleship, and grow a greater sense of excellence. 
The Building Committee is working diligently to complete this interim work and report to Council at their January 23rd meeting. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Update 12/27/2017
The Building Committee met with the General Contractor on Wednesday, December 13 to receive and discuss the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal.  The GMP proposal represents what it will cost to complete the building expansion as designed. 

The conceptual budget for this project was $2.5 million, the 3-yr capital campaign generated commitments of $1.6 million and the members of Shady Grove approved the financing of the remainder at the Church Conference held on March 5 of this year.  Due to current construction market conditions, Henrico County requirements, and other building code related items, the GMP proposal is $3.5 million or $1 million over budget.

On Tuesday, December 19, the Building Committee met with Church Council to share this information and discuss next steps.  Because of the large variance to budget, Church Council and the Building Committee agreed that it would be prudent to perform a more in-depth review of the building project before taking further action or deciding on the best path forward for Shady Grove.  To that end, Church Council and the Building Committee will meet again during the 2nd week of January to discern and decide next steps.

The next steps for Shady Grove will require prayerful reflection and discernment.  Our continued commitment to you is to keep you informed on the progress of this project.  We also ask for your commitment to pray for this chapter in the life of the church and for the courage to serve our community with #morehope, #morepeace, #morejoy and #morelove. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Updated 12/1/2017
Work continues! General Contractor sent the bid invitation out to the market on October 27. On-site meeting and walk-thru with subs was held on November 13. General Contractor hoped to have GMP (guaranteed maximum price) Proposal ready for presentation and review during week following Thanksgiving; however, bids are coming in much slower than expected, so this date has been moved to the week of December 11. Building Committee will meet during the week of December 11 to receive and review the proposal from the General Contractor. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Updated 10/2/2017
We reached a compromise with Henrico County on road improvements.  As a result, our amended plan of development for the building project was submitted and approved at the September 27 meeting of the Henrico Planning Commission.  During the next two weeks, our site engineering firm will work with county engineers to finalize our plan and prepare for bidding.