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Building Committee Update

Updated 1/11/2018
On Monday, January 8, 2018, Church Council and the Building Committee met to continue the discussion of the proposed scope and cost of our building expansion.  During that discussion, the group intentionally reviewed: 
  • the history of the master plan for the Shady Grove campus,
  • the steps that led us to the current design,
  • the need for balance between worship, education and fellowship, and
  • how our building structures may facilitate or discourage participation in the balance of worship, education and fellowship.
The consensus of the assembled group was to press forward with the building expansion.  However, before making a final recommendation to the church, the Building Committee has been asked to meet with our architect and general contractor to -  
  • explore several value engineering opportunities, and
  • review the design to ensure that we build what is necessary to enable the discipleship building process, pursue a culture of connection of relationships and balanced discipleship, and grow a greater sense of excellence. 
The Building Committee is working diligently to complete this interim work and report to Council at their January 23rd meeting. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Update 12/27/2017
The Building Committee met with the General Contractor on Wednesday, December 13 to receive and discuss the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) proposal.  The GMP proposal represents what it will cost to complete the building expansion as designed. 

The conceptual budget for this project was $2.5 million, the 3-yr capital campaign generated commitments of $1.6 million and the members of Shady Grove approved the financing of the remainder at the Church Conference held on March 5 of this year.  Due to current construction market conditions, Henrico County requirements, and other building code related items, the GMP proposal is $3.5 million or $1 million over budget.

On Tuesday, December 19, the Building Committee met with Church Council to share this information and discuss next steps.  Because of the large variance to budget, Church Council and the Building Committee agreed that it would be prudent to perform a more in-depth review of the building project before taking further action or deciding on the best path forward for Shady Grove.  To that end, Church Council and the Building Committee will meet again during the 2nd week of January to discern and decide next steps.

The next steps for Shady Grove will require prayerful reflection and discernment.  Our continued commitment to you is to keep you informed on the progress of this project.  We also ask for your commitment to pray for this chapter in the life of the church and for the courage to serve our community with #morehope, #morepeace, #morejoy and #morelove. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Updated 12/1/2017
Work continues! General Contractor sent the bid invitation out to the market on October 27. On-site meeting and walk-thru with subs was held on November 13. General Contractor hoped to have GMP (guaranteed maximum price) Proposal ready for presentation and review during week following Thanksgiving; however, bids are coming in much slower than expected, so this date has been moved to the week of December 11. Building Committee will meet during the week of December 11 to receive and review the proposal from the General Contractor. Contact Rex Hockemeyer at

Updated 10/2/2017
We reached a compromise with Henrico County on road improvements.  As a result, our amended plan of development for the building project was submitted and approved at the September 27 meeting of the Henrico Planning Commission.  During the next two weeks, our site engineering firm will work with county engineers to finalize our plan and prepare for bidding.



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