Ministry Moment

A Ministry Moment is not an announcement, but an act of witness included in worship. Therefore, we ask the worship leader or pastor to describe the Ministry Moment as one way we offer ourselves more fully to God.

1.  Ministry Moments will be scheduled at the discretion of the presiding pastor, which may typically be on the second and fourth Sundays, in conjunction with collection of the monetary offering.

2. Anyone who is interested in offering a Ministry Moment will:

  • Contact Gregg Butler at She will coordinate with the presiding pastor of the service.
  • Turn in a written reflection to 10 days prior to the Sunday their ministry moment will take place. This advance notice is important for planning and printing the bulletin. Those who do not turn in the sheet may not be allowed to share.
  • Prepare his/her Ministry Moment with the following questions in mind:

o What is the particular experience or incident I wish to describe?

o How have I been personally touched by this incident?

o How can I see it will touch others for Christ?

o What do I want my listeners to do?

  • This thoughtful, worshipful, and intentional communication applies to all who speak. Click here for additional information on constructing your testimony.
3. Because timing is so important, we ask that Ministry Moments submitted be one page, double spaced, one inch margins, 12 pt. font!

4. In the case of multiple persons wanting to offer a Ministry Moment on the same date, the pastors will decide.

5. After offering testimony, the person may place a symbol of his or her ministry on the altar as an expression of offering to God this. (Examples: HeBrews Coffee - a coffee mug; Communications - a computer mouse; Health Cabinet - a blood pressure cuff, etc.)

6. If the sharer “ad libs” or goes longer than three minutes, he or she will typically not be invited to share at future worship services.

7. Ministry Moments will typically be suspended in the Season of Advent.