What is a Connection Group?
It is a gathering of church friends who meet weekly to discuss the scripture passage on which the previous Sunday’s sermons were based.

Why would I want to be in a group?
Becoming a better follower of Jesus is an on-going process that takes intentional nurture. Connecting with the Bible and other Christians feeds the soul in other ways.

How are groups formed?  Who will be in my group?
The people in your group may be people you already know well and/or people whom you don’t know well but who want to be in a group with you.

How many people are in a group?
The optimal number is 8 to 10 people.

Who will lead my Connection Group?
Each group will be facilitated by carefully chosen and trained leaders who are responsible for initiating the discussion, keeping things moving and starting and ending on time.

What will we talk about when we meet?
Discussion is based on the Bible passage and the Sunday sermon.

What do I have to do to prepare?  What else is expected of me?
The best preparation is attending worship. You are also expected to attend your weekly meetings.

What if I miss a sermon?
No worries. Meeting with your group will still connect you with the Bible and with one another. You can also listen to an audio of the sermons online.

Is this Bible study or an exploration of current issues?
Yes—it is both. The common ground for meeting and discussion is a Bible passage. The questions provided will help you better understand the scripture. There will also be questions that invite you to connect your life, faith and experience to the world in which we live.

When and where do Connection Groups meet? How long do the meetings last?
Groups meet at church or in people’s homes for one hour per week.

Current Groups

G.O.(God Opportunities) Wednesday 6:15 pm, EB 206
Currently meeting virtually
Jeff Samford  EMAIL
Carla Samford  EMAIL