March 9-16, 2019

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For those living on the streets, CARITAS is a haven of safety. Over 200 churches provide food, shelter and social needs for individuals or families who are experiencing a housing crisis. The guests stay with each church site for one week with the hosting church providing meals, showers, laundry services and a safe and warm sleeping environment. This is a major project for a church of any size. Shady Grove has been involved with CARITAS since 2002 with the help of hundreds of members. How can you help? Provide one of the many needed items for the week: help in the kitchen, transport the guests to the showers or to the laundry facilities, provide books, magazines, movies for the guests to watch. There is an array of needs that need to be filled during the weeks that we host CARITAS. 

Contact Rick Dodge to help with this ministry,