Celebrating Joys and Bearing Sorrows Together
The concept of having a lay-led team of people to offer a ministry of caring to the body of the church is both Biblical and practical. Galatians 6:2 calls us to “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ” and healthy congregations seek to offer a network of caring that allows the congregation to celebrate life’s joys together and bear each other’s sorrows. To this end, the Care Ministries of Shady Grove coordinates the efforts of the capable people in our congregation who offer the following:

We provide support (meal or ride and sometimes brief elder care or childcare when required) for those experiencing a crisis, those who are disabled, or who are in transition. Referrals are made to the pastors for visitation of the sick, homebound and grieving.

We offer cards, notes, and phone calls—and sometimes visits and flowers—to remind members and friends, who may be sick, homebound or grieving, that their church family cares and is praying for them.

We respond to verbal requests, emailed requests, and requests from Worship Response Cards in the pew racks with the power of corporate prayer using the prayer chain and intercessory prayer. 

Grief Care
Following the death of a loved one, we offer food for memorial receptions and we reach out to provide support during the months after the cards have stopped coming. Click here for a suggested reception menu.

We celebrate with families welcoming children to the home and celebrating baptism by taking them a Baby Bundle and a meal.

Altar Flowers

Do you have a special occasion, loved one or memory of someone that you would like to honor at our Sunday service in the Sanctuary? You can sponsor the altar flowers by signing up on the calendar located in the side room of the narthex. The cost of the weekly flowers is $22.00, you may click HERE to purchase. The church has a special arrangement with Coleman’s Florist for a reduced rate on the arrangements and we are committed to 52 arrangements each year.  Please consider sponsoring the flowers on a special Sunday. You can honor, memorialize, celebrate or just say thank you to someone!  If you don't wish to take the flowers home after church, a member of the Care Ministry team will deliver them to someone whose day needs brightening.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

Committee Members

Chairperson - Polly Rowan, EMAIL