The word acolyte is taken from an ancient Greek word that meant companion, attendant, or helper. Light and fire have reminded people that God is here with us. When you bring the light into the place where people are gathering to worship and when you light the candles, you are reminding the people that God is with us everywhere. The candles are a constant reminder of God’s presence anywhere we go. The candles also remind us that Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. 

At Shady Grove, we invite children who are in third grade or above to serve as acolytes in the sanctuary worship services.  The acolytes process in with the light during the first hymn, light the candles, and sit in assigned spaces in the small pews beside each lectern. At the conclusion of the service, the acolytes extinguish the candles and proceed out with the light, reminding the congregation of God’s presence outside the walls of Shady Grove. 

Questions about serving as an acolyte?  Contact Rev. Beanie Kelly or call the church office at 804-360-2600.